Current opportunities in the QUEST-UV project

Are you interested in plant-environment interactions? Chemical defence mechanisms in plants? Fieldwork in mountain environments or in greenhouse settings? In developing new tools to understand patterns of past environmental changes? Then the QUEST-UV project has exciting master/ bacherlor student opportunities for you!

Potential research projects (could be adapted for Bachelors/ Masters level):

  • Testing the effects of UV-B radiation on plant-pollen chemistry under controlled conditions
  • Using UV-B screens on plants in the field and testing the pollen-chemistry response
  • Developing/ testing new chemical extraction procedures to isolate sporopollenin from modern pollen grains (with Monica Jordheim, UiB)
  • Reconstructing chemical variations from sediment cores in fossil sequences

Contact alistair.seddon@uib.no for further details.


Postdoc/ PhD/ Masters research in PalaeoChem

We are a small but growing research group. Members work closely with each other through weekly group and 360º feedback sessions, with hands-on supervision and peer support. We aim for all members to gain the technical, collaborative and soft-skills required to be a successful independent scientist.

We aim to provide an inclusive and welcoming community for all lab members and are always interested in developing or collaborating on new research projects.

Contact alistair.seddon@uib.no to discuss potential Masters, PhD or postdoctoral projects in more detail.